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Supper Club #228 : Pregnant Lady’s Gotta Eat (Pie)

Our two hundred, twenty-eighth supper club meal was prepared in a micro kitchen in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It was made with a pregnant person in mind, by that same pregnant person, and no pregnant person stone was left unturned. Pickles? Check. Ice cream? Check? Virgin cocktails? You get the picture. The key was the so-called pregnancy power foods: broccoli, leafy greens, lean meats, fruit, nuts, and pie. See below for the full menu.

As it turns out, pregnant people enjoy delicious food. Notably delicious were the blackened snapper sandwiches. I have not been offered a piece of blackened fish once in the last ten years and was very glad to see it on the menu. It’s been so long, I had kind of forgotten what even made fish blackened. Then I used the internet. See below if you’re interested in a solid Cajun blackened seasoning mix recipe – Continue reading


Blackened Fish: Rarely Seen in NYC. Why?

Why are we not eating blackened snapper all the time? It’s delicious.

This post from Fort Meyers News-Press writer and Supper Club 80 member, Amy:

Battle of the Barbecues Continues: Southern Smoked Pork

Cooking breeds competition. After last Saturday’s lesson in Italian barbecue, I went out and bought a smoker and a ten pound Boston Butt of Berkshire pork to make some kind of point about southern barbecue being a thing that is also delicious.

Baby celery and smoked gouda salad
Smoked oysters served with broccoli cornbread
Smoked pork butt served with herbal hot sauce and Dad’s Famous BBQ Sauce
Zahra’s Strawberry, Basil, and Cream Cake
Jello and digestifs

How to Throw an Italian Barbecue

Barbecues are had everywhere. Especially, apparently, at beach houses in Rhode Island. If you do not live in Barrington, but enjoy the outdoors and eating away your pain, it is possible to make your own magic using a few simple ingredients:

1. Two (2) grills
2. Ravioli
3. Citronella candles
4. A smattering of gold rimmed china
5. Copious amounts of food and alcohol

Plan a menu that captures the best of fresh summer time produce, kills it, and washes it down with cheese, pork, veal, seafood, and cannoli cream. Here is how Jay handled it one recent Saturday – Continue reading